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CloudTag INC.

CloudTag Track™. The product, founded on ten years of medical research, targets consumers who want a cost effective and efficient way of being in control of achieving their own weight loss and fitness goals, whilst also receiving guidance to help keep them on track to do so.

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To differentiate itself from other fitness monitoring devices on the market, Cloudtag Track™ uses advanced sensoring technology to obtain clinical-grade ECG, which offers a highly accurate assessment of heart rate and energy expenditure. Combined with its dynamic adjustments through machine self-learning artificial intelligence delivered through the app, the user experience is very different from other wearable and app offerings. The discreet and contemporary device, designed by global design and strategy firm frog, has dual mode functionality. It can be worn on the wrist at all times but can also be moved closer to the user’s heart using the beatSMART™ clip – which also charges the device – during exercise to achieve highly accurate measurement of heart rate and energy expenditure.

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The wearable device works in conjunction with the Cloudtag health and fitness smartphone app. By providing a very accurate analysis of a users’ fitness level and energy expenditure, Cloudtag can offer the user a truly bespoke, hyper personalised fitness and nutritional program. By continuously adapting as the user adapts, accurately matching their fitness needs and weight loss goals, Cloudtag Track can ensure the user achieves results by adapting with the user’s weight loss journey – a true partnership. The app currently provides 350 fitness exercises developed by expert trainers and coaches, and nutritional advice provided in ‘fistful’ quantities to eliminate any fiddly measuring of ingredients.

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CloudTag Inc. is a London Stock Exchange AIM listed digital health company bringing accurate personal monitoring to the weight loss, health, well being and fitness markets.

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Cloudtag Track-the most personalized weight loss and fitness wearable. Making real time changes to your journey through machine self-learning and delivered through the app for a truly personal user experience.

One track, two modes. On the wrist for daily tracking and your heart, using the beatSMART™ clip, for superior accuracy and reliable results when

You never have to be without your Cloudtag Track™. Smart charge whilst you workout using the beatSMART™ clip.

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CloudTag Inc.

Jessie Pavelka demonstrates the CloudTag Track beatSMART clip and App at CES 2016

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