Why CloudTag?

CloudTag INC is supported by a uniquely formidable team of business veterans and I want to take you on a journey from the very beginning when MyCloudTag started out as an idea on the back of a napkin in 2009 and turned into something much more promising a year later at the South Pole. The product is as exciting as its location of concept and development.

After seven years in development the launch of CloudTag’s first product the CloudTag Track is due to be released for sale in the USA, UK & GERMANY imminently (See page 6 here) Discussions of exclusive launch dates are on going with the biggest retailers & e-tailers in these territories – announced by CEO Amit Ben-Haim in an Exclusive interview with VOX Markets on Wednesday 25th August 2016.

To give you an idea of scale for the product, CloudTag is the first wearable device to focus its offering clearly on the weight-loss market, which is arguably the largest niche market within wearable.

The wearable arena is forecast to be worth $34 billion by 2020 and will experience a compound annual growth rate of 20.3%, culminating in 213.6 million units shipped in 2020

By looking at the innovators and founding share holders I bring insight into the experience and careers of the illustrious Board of Directors so you can understand how rare & exciting this investment opportunity truly is:

1) Dr. Andrew Regan
2) Anthony Reeves
3) Amit Ben-Haim
4) Peter Griffith & Mass Production Facilities
5) Dr Gerald Bereika
6) Jessie Pavelka
7) Second Chance LTD
10) Rechargeable wearable
11) IMEC
12) Unique Machine Learning, Real-Time Tracking App
13) CES 2017 (Consumer Electronics Show – Las Vegas)
14) NYC trip was for funding
15) Ink Dry
16) Corporate Wellness Programme i.e. Cisco
17) NHS
18) United Health
19) Premium placing’s
21) Samsung rumor wasn’t denied
22) Philips private dinner clear we are number 1
23) Obesity & Weight loss focused
24) London Tech Advocates
25) Professor Shlomo Ben-Haim
26) Chelsea football club
27) Caroline Pearce
28) Precious Blue Dot
29) Adience
30) Patents
31) USA Offices
32) Recruitment drive to expand
33) Rest of the world
34) Products in development
35) Wearable’s market is booming
36) Competition is crumbling
37) Weight watchers
38) Small Market Cap c.£20 million
39) Shares in issue 

Dr. Andrew Regan & Corvus Capital

Now, a lot of people outside the investing world wouldn’t have heard of Dr. Andrew Regan. Little did I know who Dr. Regan was until I stumbled across CloudTag and started to dig for information right from the very beginning. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I discovered who this serial entrepreneur was! If this doesn’t get you excited to begin with.. Nothing will!!

regan 1

Dr. Regan is Passionate about the conservation of the polar-regions and has led expeditions to both the North and South Poles. He is currently studying for his PhD having written a BIO inspired algorithm for forecasting financial markets. (Bio-inspired computing, short for biologically inspired computing, is a field of study that loosely knits together subfields related to the topics of connectionism, social behaviour and emergence. It is often closely related to the field of artificial intelligence, as many of its pursuits can be linked to machine learning. It relies heavily on the fields ofbiology, computer science and mathematics. Briefly put, it is the use of computers to model the living phenomena, and simultaneously the study of life to improve the usage of computers. Biologically inspired computing is a major subset of natural computation._

A British-born polar explorer and entrepreneur. He is the chief executive officer of Corvus Capital, an international investment Company, who along with its own capital, has the backing of a number of international funding partners. Their considered approach over the last decade has created over $800 million of value for investors across a number of investments, either directly or via special purpose investment vehicles. Corvus was the founding shareholder & principal provider of capital to AIM listed CloudTag, with the Company having a market capitalisation of £20 million in 2013.

Previous history indicates that Andrew Regan is an extremely shrewd business man. Did you know he was one of the founding shareholders in ASOS PLC it is now the UK’s largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer. Admitted to Aim in 2001 with a market cap of £12million it has now risen over to £3.5billion. I can assure that you’ll be pretty hard pressed to find that there is not one person connected to the internet, who isn’t aware of ASOS .. 

Andrew Regan ASOS

Corvus was also a founding shareholder and structured the initial finance for the flotation of Lodore Resources plc. In 2004 with a market cap of £6.4million, it was acquired in 2005 for £115million – an increase of £108million in just one year! Simply staggering.

Corvus was a founding shareholder in Imperial Energy and structured its flotation onto AIM in 2004 for 25p per share and moved to the official list in 2007. In 2008 it was acquired for £1.4billion £11.25 per share by ONGC Videsh Limited of India. 45 bags in 4 years from IPO!

Corvus also structured the reverse takeover of Sirius petroleum in 2008. Since that they have raised $8.5million via equity placements, but most interestingly has structured a facility with Capinvest to provide or procure a debt funding of the company of at least $80million and this is one of the biggest reasons that I have no doubt that CloudTag will have no problems obtaining a similar funding method to bring the CloudTag track to mass market and not at the expense of the shareholders, as CloudTag CEO Amit Ben-Haim BA Hons LLB Hons has always reassured the supporters.

corvus capital 1

Corvus was a founding shareholder & principal provider of capital to Gable Holdings, a group specialising in the European insurance and reinsurance sector. Group Finance Director Michael Hirschfield holds 14,788,283 shares 4.14% of the CloudTag shares in issue, having spent 2 years and 11 months as the companies Non-Executive Director. What are the chances that Mike knows a few people within the insurance industries?! A market which CloudTag believe are key revenue opportunities for the CloudTag Track and future products as mentioned on page 14 of the Admission document 31st March 2013.

Along with the above, Corvus are also founding shareholder of Tri-Star Resources, Corvus structured the initial acquisition of the Goynuk antimony mine, in the Gediz district of Turkey.

In the early 1990s, Corvus CEO, Dr Andrew Regan ran a household products business, Cadismark, which was sold to Hobson Plc in 1996. Hobson acquired F.E.Barber, the food and drinks manufacturing operation and Dr. Regan was responsible for developing the Loyd Grossman range of sauces! It was sold for £154million to Hillsdown Holdings, through a recommended cash take over having grown through acquisitions and organic growth.

Another link to the chain is Dr. Winston Wong OBE PhD D.Sc Taiwanese entrepreneur, scientist and philanthropist who was the primary sponsor, through Imperial College of London, of a major scientific research expedition that made a successful “there and back” land crossing of the Antarctic continent during the winter of 2010.

More information on Dr. Andrew Regan, Corvus Capital & Dr. Winston Wong can be found below;





2) Anthony Reeves

tony reeves chelsea

Anthony Reeves, Chairman of CloudTag and Vice President of world famous, Premier league giants Chelsea Football Club has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of recruitment, specialising in growing businesses through organic growth and strategic acquisition in Europe, USA and the Middle East in chair and directorship roles in public and private companies.

He grew Lifetime from $25 million to $1 billion in 1993 approximately 80 acquisitions and over 125 year on year organic growth and sold it for $600 million in 93. He grew revenues at Computer people from £90 million to £350 million and sold it to Adecco in 1999 £175m! Sold the Hot Group to Trinity Mirror in 2005 for £50million. He grew the Lifeways community care from £10 million in 2001 to £36.5 million in 2007.  He acquired Paystream in 2006 and grew it from 2,500 to 10,000 contractors in 2015. The Co-Founder of Office Angels and is now working as the adviser to the board for Supply Clouds helping supply teachers, schools and agencies have better experiences. He has also been the Executive Chairman at the Kellen Group and Chairman at PayStream Accounting Services.. An incredibly successful career and gives a clear indication along with Dr. Regans history of where this company could go.. For those unaware, CloudTag IPO’d at 20p.

As you can see along with Dr. Regan, Tony Reeves is a serial entrepreneur! The connection with Chelsea Football Club may indicate that they take on the CloudTag Track to enhance and analyse performance in the training ground with the ECG wireless device, also outlined in the company’s admission document page 14 and 20

“CloudTag Sport and Performance II (Elite) – building on CloudTag Sport and Performance I, for elite athletes and sports men and women. Specific analysis will be available for individual athletes or sports teams. The Directors expect that all users will subscribe to the Cloud for data storage and retrospective analysis. In addition to the above, CloudTag Sport and Performance will be available through a group interface, allowing a trainer or coach to analyse current and retrospective team performance. The coach interface would allow a range of live data comparisons for the elite athlete and sports men and women.”

amit  face
3) Amit Ben-Haim CEO 

  • Serial entrepreneur Mr. Ben-Haim is successful in establishing, leading and growing organizations, including trade sale exits as Founder and Board Member, as well as providing strategic advice with equity alignment in all operations. Amit possesses cross border knowledge of corporate finance and industry acumen in medical device & biotech, sport & wellness, financial services, aviation, manufacturing, clean tech and infrastructure.
  • He has expertise in risk and regulatory compliance for listed companies and is the founder partner of SB Corporate Finance Partners Limited which is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority to advise on and/or arrange certain investments in the UK and the EU. In 1993, he co-founded Biosense Inc., a medical devices company which was sold to Dow Jones-listed Johnson & Johnson in 1997 for $427m
  • Amit was senior advisor to the board to Heptagon Capital LLP, asset management and investment solutions with AUM of over $9 billion, where he advised on asset allocation of listed long-term funds and equities for financial institutions and family office clients, monitoring post crisis highly leveraged families.
  • Amit is currently Non-Executive Chairman of Aeristech Limited a company which has developed the fastest accelerating electric motor with a first application in the automotive industry and a secondary focus on the aerospace, oil & gas and robotics industries.
  • Amit holds a BA in Political Science and Middle East History and an LLB with Honours and is on the board of Governers at the University of Haifa
  • There is a strong possibility of take-over with Amit Ben-Haim historically selling budding companies for phenomenal sums. Not forgetting Dr. Regan & Tony Reeves.


CTAG minneapolis.png


4) Peter Griffith – CCO & Mass Production 

RNS Peter Griffith

precious blue dot staff microsoft

Question is .. Who leaves Microsoft as Head of Design, after selling 1.5 billion units in over 150 countries, to join a Small Cap AIM company with a sub £20 million market cap without an overall, unique & compelling investment case after following further independent research ?

Please click here to read more on Peter, it will be worth every second

Here’s to hoping Peter brings on board just as experienced team, especially as the company ramps up to large-scale production from there new ISO approved mass producing unit based in Asia with capabilities which hold the following ISOs: 13485, 14000 and 9000.

Amit confirmed in his latest Exclusive podcast that in just 1 week, Peter had already brought a full team together, I wonder if the majority where his contacts from Microsoft Nokia? The team are working on developing new products which will be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which I cover later on.

ISO 13485 Specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer requirements and regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices and related service

ISO 14000 Family of standards provides practical tools for companies and organizations of all kinds looking to manage their environmental responsibilities.

ISO 9000 =  Family addresses various aspects of quality management and contains some of ISO’s best known standards

June 16 RNS “Meanwhile, in the lead up to full commercial release of the product in the UK and Europe, CloudTag is in the process of moving manufacturing from its current low volume production partner in Taiwan, which was suitable for production of rapid, low-cost test batches; to new production partners also based in the Far East with mass production capabilities and which hold the following ISOs: 13485, 14000 and 9000.”

This has been kept very secretive and all we know is the above.. It will be very interesting to learn how many products this factory can produce on a monthly basis and at what cost to the business. Could there be possibly anyone else involved, or looking at this VERY closely? We await with excitement!

5) Dr Gerald Bereika

Dr Gerald Bereika connections
6) Jessie Pavelka – Brand ambassador 

jessie p 2008

Jessie has the same values and focus around encouraging consumers to take responsibility for their lifestyle, stay healthy and active, and reach their own personal goals are in line with those of CloudTag. He was the trainer of The Biggest Loser’ and ITV’s Good Morning Britain, has a complementary and high profile – with more than 500,000 Facebook followers, as well as being an ambassador for  Cancer Research’s 2015 Race for Life and a patron of obesity charity HOOP, who are working with Public Health England to deliver the pilot Community Champions Programme across the country over the next two years.

Jessie is heading the corporate wellness with Cisco #CiscoPavelka this is significant because of the number of employees the track can reach;

Cisco employees

Each Fortune 500 company spends approximately $3.5M per year on heart attack health insurance expenses. Large employers also offer health insurance to spouses increasing potential costs to $7 million per year. 80% of heart disease and strokes can be prevented.

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the U.S., over Eight times that of diabetes. One in Three Americans have high blood pressure and are at risk of heart disease. Most Americans don’t understand their heart risk condition and half don’t have it under control. High blood pressure accounted for around $131 billion in costs on the U.S. healthcare system in 2015. More on corporate wellness in section 16 below.

19/08/2016 – Jessie posts picture on Instagram to inform us that he is in the UK.. He has a few events for Filthy Girl Mud Run 1 – 3 September at Chepstow. Could this co-inside with the “Exclusive Product Launch” ABH mentioned?

Rewards Based Programmes

7) Second Chance LTD

Exclusive deal with Second Chance to buy $5.2 Million worth of stock from CloudTag by 31st December 2016

Following completion of the sample and app demonstration, the Company, in conjunction with its European distributor, Second Chance Limited (“Second Chance”), is now concluding initial product delivery requirements with a number of high street and online retailers as follows:

I have outlined below the companies I feel were mentioned in the 9th June RNS which confirmed Second Chance had deals ready for UK & Europe, with the overall employees by each company and revenue for 2015 to give an idea of size we are potentially dealing with.

ctag company accouncements revenue employees


Second chance were exhibiting at the ISPO Conference in Munich in February and will be there again at the beginning of next year. Details for the show are here July 6 – 8th

Second Chance Munich

Here is a snippet from 162, explaining how the distribution with CloudTag works

second chance

With over 25 years experience Second Chance Ltd has become one of the largest sporting goods distributors in the EMEA territory. Our network of retailers total over 7,500 stores in the UK, Europe, the Middle East & Africa. Our Clients consist of sport & technology resellers including:

Supermarkets – Carrefour, Tesco, Asda, Aldi and Lidl.
• Sport specialists – Intersport, Decathlon, Sports Direct, Go Sport, Stadium
• CE retailers – FNAC, John Lewis, Dixons, Vodaphone, Media Markt
• Golf specialist & buying groups, Foremost, American Golf, Golf House, Dormy
• Online retailers – Amazon, CDON, Play & Apple.
• Apple Premium Resellers
• Schools & Universities

You can check out Second Chance LTD here


RNS binding

Click here for the video > Cloudtag Inc (LON:CTAG) CEO Amit Ben-Haim talks to DirectorsTalk about the US deal with CITIES. Amit talks about the commercial strategy for the US launch with CITIES and the impact the US will have for the company.

Signed binding heads of terms with Griffin International Companies – part of the CITIES Market Studios Group – for the sale and marketing of CloudTag products in the US and Canada who are one of the largest commercialization and distribution players with over 30 years of experience in North America.

CloudTag and CITIES plan to work together to market and promote the sale of CloudTag products to CITIES’ largest regular retail partners, which include Best Buy, Walmart, Target and Amazon both in store and online.

CloudTag’s board said these retailers are believed to comprise four of the top five retailers in the US consumer electronics industry accounting for around 70% of the total market by sales.

“Working in collaboration with these four key retailers, CITIES has developed a sales forecast to January 2019 which expects that significant sales of CloudTag Track devices are realisable in the US,” CloudTag’s board said in a statement.


The most accurate wearable is coming 

Outstanding results which seperate CloudTag from anyone else in the market

Highly recommend you listen to the interview which can be found  here

It is an interview with Amit Ben-Haim, about the ECG & Accuracy of the device and info graphic to show what the wearable’s market is crying out for.

CloudTag ticks ALL of the boxes!


Wearable research

Human Performance Unit testing CloudTag’s wearable personal health monitoring technology

The Human Performance Unit at the University of Essex has finished independent user testing for the latest version of CloudTag’s wearable technology for monitoring personal health, wellbeing and fitness.

Amit mentioned a gold standard measurement of high 90’s accuracy level (91 – 99%) versus cardiopulmonary exercise testing in addition to ECG – This is MASSIVE.

“Exercise testing remains a remarkably durable and versatile tool that provides valuable diagnostic and prognostic information regarding patients with cardiovascular and pulmonary disease. Exercise testing has been available for more than a half century and, like many other cardiovascular procedures, has evolved in its technology and scope. When combined with exercise testing, adjunctive imaging modalities offer greater diagnostic accuracy, additional information regarding cardiac structure and function, and additional prognostic information” link here to a Clinician’s guide – A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association

Taken from the University of Essex’s website prior to the completion of the testing;

The external testing phase at the Human Performance Unit includes a complete range of functional, user and system tests. The tests will cover a range of physical activities with participants going through a strict testing protocol while recording and analysing data from the wearable product, benchmarking performance against the appropriate “gold standard” measurement in each area. CloudTag is on track to launch the product at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2016.

Chief Executive Amit Ben-Haim, CEO at Cloudtag Inc said: “I am delighted we are working with the Human Performance Unit at the University of Essex, which is a highly respected independent testing and research centre. They will put our latest hardware device through robust tests to ensure we are delivering on CloudTag’s vision to bring accurate data to the consumer market.”

Chris McManus, Manager of the Human Performance Unit said: “We are delighted to support CloudTag’s testing programme and to be conducting user tests on CloudTag’s behalf. Our team of academics, researchers and sports scientists working on the project include individuals who are leaders in their field and at the cutting-edge of research.”

Accuracy Results from User Testing

CloudTag (CTAG:LN), the company that brings personal monitoring to the health, wellbeing and fitness markets,is pleased to announce the latest results from its independent user tests (“User Tests”), carried out and verified in collaboration with the Human Performance Unit at the Centre for Sports and Exercise Science, University of Essex.

CloudTag has been conducting key external user tests on CloudTag’s proprietary sensors, electrodes and algorithms to validate their accuracy. These User Tests have shown very positive results with heart rate tracking between 98% and 99% in comparison to a clinical ECG machine during walking and running activity. Energy expenditure (kilocalories) tracking results show correlation between 91% and 99% against the medical gold standard measurement, a CPX Metabolic Cart.

These results support the Company’s strategy of delivering highly accurate, medical grade technology to the consumer market. The external validation of CloudTag’s proprietary sensors and electrodes developed by the in-house technical team, and proprietary algorithms developed in collaboration with IMEC International, is a major milestone in the build up to CloudTag’s product launch. The Directors believe CloudTag will deliver the most accurate consumer wearable device to the market to-date.

CloudTag CEO, comments: “I am delighted with the progress to date and the endorsement of our technology’s accuracy. These results validate CloudTag’s proprietary miniature electrodes and algorithms, which enhance sensor interoperability, delivering highly accurate metrics. We look forward to the planned launch of our product to the market at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2016. “

The results can be found here

10) Rechargeable 24/7 wearable

To differentiate itself from other fitness monitoring devices on the market, Cloudtag Track™ uses advanced sensing technology to obtain clinical-grade ECG, which offers a highly accurate assessment of heart rate and energy expenditure. Combined with its dynamic adjustments delivered through the app using machine self-learning, the user experience is very different from other wearable and app offerings. The discreet and contemporary device, designed by global design and strategy firm frog, has dual-mode functionality. It can be worn on the wrist at all times but can also be moved closer to the user’s heart using the beatSMART™ clip – which also charges the device – during exercise to achieve highly accurate measurement of heart rate and energy expenditure.

ctag USP

As you can see, many USP’s against what is currently available.. Expect the competition to come knocking.. 

11) IMEC 

Imec performs world-leading research in nanoelectronics. Imec leverages its scientific knowledge with the innovative power of its global partnerships in ICT, healthcare and energy. Imec delivers industry-relevant technology solutions. In a unique high-tech environment, its international top talent is committed to providing the building blocks for a better life in a sustainable society. 

IMEC AND CTAGImec Clean room & CTAG & Other brands

IMEC only work with the worlds best companies as you can see from the R&D Ecosystem above. There are a lot of tech giants buying out companies for multi billions of pounds. As you can see below, ARM & IMEC have collaborated together in the past, ARM is set to be acquired by Softbank for £24.3 billion. Bodes well for the future of tech

Imec ARM Softbank CTAG.png


12) Unique Machine Learning, Real-Time Tracking App

This is where the magic happens. Over 10 years of research has gone into developing the unique algorithms to create the most personal fitness and nutrition programme available. With real-time tracking of intensity allowing instant feedback and machine learning to provide the optimal personal experience to the end user.

From the latest presentation



Developed for you…

…by experts who understand the challenges of daily life. Set your weight loss goal and target date and Cloudtag Track™ will provide personalized training programs and nutrition plans to get and keep you on track.

The Cloud Track™ works in partnership with YOU to adjust recommendations, advice and support according to your weight loss progress and fitness goals. Nutritional support and advice, exercise challenges and social sharing with friends to help you along the way.

Exercise Programs
Choose your goal and target date for weight loss, fitness and activity and the user centric system works with you; dynamically adapting programs and recommendations to deliver results.

Track the calories you burn during the day. Set your own personal target.

See how many steps you take towards your goal. Set your own personal target.

Track your rest and sleep automatically. Have a healthier day by achieving a more restful night.

Active minutes
See how many minutes you are active and set your own personal target.

Keep motivated with rewards for staying on Track.

Invite friends to join a Cloudtag challenge or set up your own.

Having seen the app in the CES 2016 Video and on the website which connects to the Tag device, it is not the same as the app which is available online at the moment.

The below excerpt is from Andrew Regan’s blog which can be accessed here

“The app development team at Preciousbluedot (makers of Xbox Kinect, Donkey Kong, Golden Eye and more) have re invented the wheel with this “app”. We thoroughly believe that this app is far more detailed than 99% of what is currently available on the market. The team is complete with the winning touch of Matt Roberts, fitness trainer to the stars (and David Cameron). Matt has put together a number of very high quality work outs that specialise in a number of important areas.

• We put ‘you’ at the centre of the activity
• We will place your workouts in your calendar so you can keep track of what you are doing and when
• You can pick a workout designed to meet your goal
• We reward you for working out – we want you to succeed – that’s why we created the app
• If you workout you gain stars that you can use to unlock more workouts and Programs – you can choose to pay for your workout in effort and not cash!
• You can choose to keep in touch with your work and social life whilst you work out by linking your social media and email to your account

You can download the brilliant app here however looking at the video with Jessie & Caroline at CES it won’t be the same as the app to link to the track.”

13) CES 2017

With the success at CES 2016 with the CloudTag Track “launch” CloudTag will be featuring at the CES 2017 on January 5th – 8th  as a FEATURED EXHIBITOR

Announced in the Exclusive interview with Amit Ben-Haim, the company will have a large stand in the centre of the wearable hall, giving the company huge exposure to show the off the CloudTag Track and it was mentioned that we will have further technologies to introduce to the world! There has been speculation on the forums of a possible clothing line which could tie in with brand ambassaor Jessie’s Pavelka Gear range

CES location

For 50 years, CES has been the launch pad for new innovation and technology that has changed the world. Held in Las Vegas every year, it is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies and where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.

The International Consumer Electronics Show (International CES) showcases more than 3,800 exhibiting companies, including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more; a conference program with more than 300 conference sessions and more than 160K attendeesfrom 150 countries.

And because it is owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ — formerly the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® — the technology trade association representing the $287 billion U.S. consumer technology industry, it attracts the world’s business leaders and pioneering thinkers to a forum where the industry’s most relevant issues are addressed.

I’m hoping that with the new addition of Peter Griffith  That we will have some new and exciting ideas and products to unravel to the world in January 17.

CES 2017


You can see the whole floor plan here and if you’d like to attend, you can register here

14) NYC trip was for funding

Amit called in to New York on his trip to the USA when he came back with the stonking CITIES deal, which projects generating $120 million revenue by 2019 from 4 stores alone! It is through researching, and every point mentioned above that I strongly believe Amit will have no problem what so ever obtaining funding and will have plans in place ready to release to the market as soon as the suppressing seller is cleared from the background to enable maximum share price growth.

You can hear the exclusive interview on Directors Talk here

15) Ink Dry

Tying into point 14, Amit mentioned the “ink was drying” as posted earlier

CTAG minneapolis

ink dry

16) Corporate Wellness Programmes i.e Cisco

Workplace wellness is a $6 billion dollar industry in the United States.

Companies with more than 20,000 employees spend around $878 per employee on wellness programs.

There are two primary kinds of wellness programs: Lifestyle Management and Chronic Disease Management.

Lifestyle management wellness programs focus on:

Fitness and healthy diet (yoga, gym memberships, wearable, healthy snacks)

Employees with health risks, such as smoking, diet, exercise and obesity. These programs use smart technology with behavioral modification from clinicians and coaches to help participants reduce risks and delay or avoid chronic conditions.

Fitbit, which debuted on the public markets in 2015 at a valuation of more than $4 billion, has made its name in consumer tech, in the last couple of years its once-modest enterprise division has blossomed into a lucrative business. Its name-brand customers include BP, Bank of America, IBM, Kimberly-Clark, and Time Warner. In September, the retail giant Target announced it would offer 335,000 Fitbit Zip trackers to its U.S. employees. Barclays followed a month later, offering subsidized devices to 75,000 employees.” Link

17) NHS

THIS is one of the most exciting aspects for me, because I’ve spoken to Healthcare advisers to the NHS, GP‘s and Doctors and have never felt more confident that with the technology within the CloudTag track it should be the number One go to, for wearable’s in health sector. Amit Ben-Haim has recently said in an interview on line that “We are making significant progress with the NHS

I am told that the Cloudtag data can easily be hooked up to EMIS, and can save the NHS BILLIONS !

A clinical system for delivering integrated healthcare

EMIS Web allows healthcare professionals to record, share and use vital information, so they can provide better, more efficient care.


Healthcare savings 1

You only have to google “NHS Digital” or EMIS to see how big a push there is right now within the NHS to bring the healthcare up to date, the NHS plans to go paperless by 2020. There is a big focus. I would highly recommend following, and conversing with the following on Twitter for more information on the NHS and digitization;

Deborah El-Sayed

Tara Donnelly

Beverly Bryant

Heather May Morgan

Sara Shinton

Breid O’Brien


Helen Rowntree

5 10 years FITBIT

18) UnitedHealthCare

Amit Ben-Haim says discussions with Sears and Amazon are “all moving”, and on the B2B (business-to-business) side CloudTag is in discussions with large medical insurers in Europe and the US including UnitedHealthcare which has 26 million policy holders.


We await further details on these developments from the CEO.

19) Premium placings

There is no denying the company has raised funds which has brought extra shares on to the market, but if you where to investigate the fund-raising Amit has done, they have been at premium prices to the current share price on that particular day. Consistently funded at a value which strongly protects the shareholder’s investment. This is extremely rare on the AIM Casino.

Fund raising information can be found here 


Spreadex at one time were buying shares on behalf of clients, as can be seen on the above link. However, the strategy seemed to be that they were in for the short-term gains (made an estimated profit of over £1 Million based on my calculations within 3-4 months) Because they’ve been selling chunks in the millions in to the market it has caused a lot of speculation as to whether this was suppressing the share price and Amit has been waiting for this to conclude before releasing what we believe will be a very rich news period for positive RNS’s.

Amit has alluded in his recent telephone interview to Spreadex being “gone” and only wants medium and long-term investors moving forwards. There has been a few members on the CTAG LSE Message board, especially Gilgamesh who has been watching this like a hawk and believes they have finally sold there shares. The company released a holdings RNS to confirm they were now below 3% on August 16th 2016 to say they had dipped below the threshold on the August 2nd 2016.

21) Samsung rumour wasn’t denied and hasn’t been.. Ever

In a national newspaper a few months ago:

Cloudtag samsungSamsung & SeymourPowell

IMEC & Samsung work VERY close together. The original design partner SeymourPowell also work very close with Samsung.. Time will tell! “Exclusive launch” Maybe?! I wouldn’t be surprised with the savings that they could make by having the tech trialed in the market place first and foremost to minimise risk of having a product flop.. Especially as Apple are bringing ECG to market assuming next year from the recent patent applications.

it is also worth noting that the Samsung Simband isn’t currently a consumer product, it’s just a reference design for developers to use to start creating their own modules and apps.

“We will not succeed if we do it alone,” said Ram Fish, the vice president of mobile health at Samsung. “To crack it, we need to collaborate.”

To make health data available for both commercial and research developers, Samsung also announced an SDK for its SAMIIO, “a cloud-based open software platform capable of bringing together fragmented data from a variety of sources for analysis.” The idea is to make health and fitness data easy to research and manipulate for both app makers and institutional researchers.

22) Philips private dinner, clear we are spearheading the future of the wearable’s market

Phillips acquisitions
23) Obesity & weight-loss focused

With a specific target market, Amit says we will “eclipse fit bit” when they launched to market and estimates projected revenue to exceed $120 million in USA by partnering with CITIES. With a huge push to reduce obesity and overweight, we are creating a new sector in the wearable’s market which will make the CloudTag a very unique product – Marketing genius?!  Please refer to Cities interview from proactive posted previously!

  • Worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980.
  • In 2014, more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older, were overweight. Of these over 600 million were obese.
  • 39% of adults aged 18 years and over were overweight in 2014, and 13% were obese.
  • Most of the world’s population live in countries where overweight and obesity kills more people than underweight.
  • 41 million children under the age of 5 were overweight or obese in 2014.
  • Obesity is preventable.

24) London Tech Advocates 

TECH LONDON ADVOCATES is an unrivaled collection of tech leaders, experts and investors uniting to form the most influential independent, private sector group in London. More than 3,300 Advocates champion, connect and support London’s technology sector.

amit russ peter tech london

Russ Shaw of Tech London Advocates is an angel and venture investor and non-executive director of a number of high growth businesses including Dialog―a publicly traded semiconductor company, AIM listed Cupid plc and Unwire–a Danish, venture-backed mobile commerce business. He is also a limited partner in Ariadne Capital’s ACE Fund and an investor in and advisor to Amazing Media Group. Russ is also a board member of the Tech City Advisory Group.

Amit Ben-Haim is extremely well-connected within the London Tech Scene (And around the world). It is here I believe he met with Peter Griffith who is also a member, the complete members list can be found here. You will notice there are some of the biggest players in the world, extremely exciting to think who else could come on board, with the recruitment drive the company is currently looking to expand on.

25) Professor Shlomo Ben-Haim

PLEASE watch this video to understand that these people do not fail and will not persue anything that won’t work. 5:03 – 9:07 minutes Shlomo gives a speech on innovation, which says unless everyone involved benefits then it will not work. From 09:07 onwards he talks about BioSense the company he co-founded with CEO Amit Ben-Haim at the Ram Bam Hospital which started out with 2 employees, and then going on to 60 and now 2,000. he says how at first nobody wanted his invention and J&J rejected it. Years later, not giving up the company was sold for over $400 million, and has generated billions. Funnily enough, to J&J. The product is sold in 140 countries worldwide and part of medical textbooks with the likes of Philips, GE, Siemens interface into the system. Truly remarkable and has to be seen. This makes a very strong investment case, that you are investing and putting your trust into Amit Ben-Haim and his wealth of knowledge, experience and know how.

Brother of the CEO Amit Ben-Haim, Professor Shlomo Ben-Haim, a renowned medical device entrepreneur, has an impressive record of co-founding companies and maximizing their value. He has held faculty appointments as a Professor of Medicine, Physiology and Biophysics at both Harvard University and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Professor Ben-Haim’s education was in Medicine and Biophysics. He has published over 200 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, and is the recipient of a long list of prizes for his research and inventions. Professor Ben-Haim is the inventor of more than 550 patents and patent applications worldwide, including those for a navigated cardiac catheterization system and an implantable device for treating congestive heart failure and diabetes. Professor Ben-Haim is now focusing on building businesses in healthcare that improve patient health, and reduce total healthcare spending. He held the role of Chief Scientist at Johnson & Johnson‘s Biosense-Webster.

Dr. Ben-Haim also co-founded various other medical device and biomedical firms in the fields of cardiology, obesity, diabetes,esthetics and cosmetics, antiviral medications, deep vein thrombosis prevention, therapy for limb ischemia, and post-stroke and sports-injuries rehabilitation.

Below is a list of the companies that Professor Shlomo Ben-Haim has founded, co-founded and sold creating over $1.3bn in sales. He is one of the richest people that have emerged from the Israeli high-tech sector. it is believed that he has made more than $200 million for himself, making him one of the people responsible for building up this industry.

Shlomo ben haim graphic

I strongly believe, as they have done previously with Biosense and Impulse Dynamics, that Amit and his Brother will create a technology company off the back of CloudTag which will combine a mixture of  divisions including Diabetes, cosmetics, ovulation. If the company is not sold to the highest bidder by then, which I estimate to be 12 – 18 months from August 2016.



26) Chelsea FC

Mentioned earlier with links to the Chairman, Tony Reeves. The usage here is endless. Especially with the strains that players put on their hearts in training and on match day, not forgetting the tragedy when Fabrice Muamba died and came back to life on the pitch at White Heart Lane during a match between Bolton and Tottenham Hotspur  This isn’t just limited to Chelsea nor is it limited to football, the advanced, accurate reporting here could benefit millions of sportsmen and women the world over.

UPDATE 17.09.2016

After looking closely, the following developments have come to light.

“This is bob-a-job territory for a man who made more than £15m from his first major deal, selling Lifetime Corporation, a NYSE-listed company with revenues of over $1bn, in 1993. It was during this deal that Reeves met Bruce Buck, the Chelsea chairman and European head of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, the megabucks US mergers and acquisitions law firm.

Buck, who acted for Roman Abramovich in his purchase of Chelsea, is a fan of Reeves’s shrewdness and his honesty in negotiation. “He’s smart, and very direct in what he says. If he says something, you can believe it,” says Buck. “And yes, he’s fun to have around the directors’ box.” link here


Bruce Buck has been practising law in Europe since 1983. He left New York for England in 1983 for a “standard tour of duty” of two or three years with his previous law firm White & Case. Five years later he was headhunted by M&A specialists Skadden Arps to develop the firm’s European practice from scratch and has stayed on ever since.[2]

As the partner in charge of Skadden’s European offices, his work includes a broad range of transactions in the capital markets area. Buck represents both European and non-European clients in a full range of crossborder financing transactions, generally in connection with equity offerings or high-yield and other debt financings.

Buck’s involvement with Chelsea began through his position as European head of the American law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom.[3] Skadden Arps specialises in mergers, acquisitions and capital market transactions, and Buck had personally done legal work on a number of acquisitions for the Russian company Siberian Oil (Sibneft), through which he came to advise Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, formerly the majority shareholder in Sibneft.

The £140 million acquisition of all of the outstanding shares of the London Stock Exchange-listed company Chelsea Village plc was his first experience of taking over a football club.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Buck is behind the M&A if/when the company is sold if Amit’s VOX Podcast interview is anything to go by which can be heard here where he tells Justin Waite about his 12 month plan with CloudTag.

27) Caroline Pearce – Ambassador 

ctag track ad

Explaining the Cloudtag beatSMART with Jessie Pavelka here

Caroline is a former International heptathlete and successful TV Presenter, reporter, commentator and event host. She is a published author and go-to fitness and nutrition consultant with a First Class Honors Degree in Sports Science and Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Loughborough University. You may also know her as ‘Ice’ from the revival of the hit TV show ‘UK Gladiators’ on Sky 1.

Caroline joined BT Sport when the channel launched in August 2013 and anchors their live weekly magazine show  ‘UFC: Beyond the Octagon’ rounding up all the latest action and interviewing guests from the World of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the premier organisation for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as well as hosting select live Fight Nights. She also anchors the news and reports at various sporting events for Sports HUB, a news-based show for BT Sport. Caroline’s involvement with the UFC expanded due to her growing knowledge and passion for the sport and she also works direct for the organisation as their backstage reporter at Europe, Middle East and Africa events. And most recently Caroline joined Fox Sports as a backstage reporter and kicks off this role with the UFC’s first ever trip to Glasgow, Scotland.
28) Precious Blue Dot

Mentioned earlier with Unique App – The app development team at Preciousbluedot (makers of Xbox Kinect, Donkey Kong, Golden Eye and more) have reinvented the wheel with this “app”. We thoroughly believe that this app is far more detailed than 99% of what is currently available on the market. The team is complete with the winning touch of Matt Robert, fitness trainer to the stars (and David Cameron). Matt has put together a number of very high quality work outs that specialise in a number of important areas.
29) Adience

Access to tens of millions of consumers through the technology in the app.

CloudTag has signed an agreement which grants CloudTag a licence to Adience’s technology on a revenue sharing basis with no upfront payments. Under the terms of the agreement, MyCloudTag, the Company’s health and fitness mobile app, will be marketed and distributed directly to Adience’s user base and will integrate Adience’s proprietary, cutting edge user profiling technology.

Amit Ben-Haim, CEO, commented: “I am delighted to be working so closely with Adience and its highly experienced team as we look to increase our app user base ahead of the launch of our wearable device at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2016.

This partnership gives CloudTag immediate access to tens of millions of consumers and we expect to benefit enormously from the deep customer insights gained in the process.”

30) Patents

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is an international patent law treaty, concluded in 1970. It provides a unified procedure for filing patent applications to protect inventions in each of its contracting states. A patent application filed under the PCT is called an international application, orPCT application.

To give an idea on how important patents are; Google bought Motorola for $12.5B and sold it for $2.9B and called it a “success” read the story here

Click here for the patents league table

The following UK design and patent applications under PCT • Patent application number GB1522875.2 and GB1600136.4; incorporating: • Unique sensors and signal processing algorithm for both the hardware and software • Innovative sensors design and mechanical body attachment • Patent application numbers GB5000970 (shown below) and GB5000971 under PCT • In-house development of electronics and software • Hyper personalisation algorithms providing the closed loop system to the user • Source code for the CloudTag platform and Cloudtag Track mobile app • UK registered trade mark for CloudTag®, Cloudtag Track™ and beatSMART™ technology.

Along with the Patents pending which can be viewed





beatSmart Patent



Special thanks to Greig for finding patent design

The company has exclusive rights with IMEC

An exclusive, world-wide, perpetual and irrevocable licence to use: • CloudTag’s algorithms developed specifically for CloudTag and its use case by Imec International a shareholder of CloudTag • Imec’s IP and proprietary clinical algorithms, developed over Eleven years, including, but not limited to, the following: • ECG, Heart Rate and Heart Rate VariabilityEnergy Expenditure algorithmECG Derived Respiration Atrial FibrillationPhysical Activity DetectionPersonalisation of Physical Activity and Energy Expenditure to the individual.

31) USA Offices

top 20 minneapolis

Amit Ben-Haim, has said in the CITIES confirmation interview that he will be setting up a specialist team to work alongside CITIES in the USA (Minneapolis – top 20 here)

“From our point of view this agreement is to Cloudtag the entry needed to the largest wearable market in a very focused manner…. to reach 70% of potential US consumers with one relationship ” he says.

Ben-Haim said the relationship with CITIES will grow further as they work together to create a new category in wearables: weight-loss. “We are the first in this category at the device stage so from the viewpoint of the retailers, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and at a later stage Amazon, the retailers will gain more potential sales” he says.

Full interview here thanks to Proactive Investors

Could it be possible that with opening offices in the U.S.A, it gives CloudTag the opportunity to apply to trade on the American markets? Speculation on my behalf but would raise the company profile in the U.S and seeing as this will be one of our primary markets could bode well for the future?

Listing rules here

Nasdaq logo

Amit has said in the CITIES confirmation interview that he will be setting up a specialist team to work alongside CITIES in the USA (Minneapolis – top 20 here) and pictured above,

32) Recruitment drive to expand

The company has been on a huge recruitment drive recently, and we await news on who next to join the team. (Hello ABH, if you’re reading)

Employ ctag
33) Rest of the world 

CloudTag is focusing on UK, Europe release first mainly UK & Germany and then to the USA where the product will be sold through CITIES as above. We are awaiting for facts and figures from the company forecasting revenues and profit margins.

34) Products in development

Peter Griffith brought in from Microsoft – You DON’T LEAVE MICROSOFT FOR AIM!!! Peter obviously has very big plans for CloudTag, or CloudTag had some very big products in the pipeline for Peter to come in and head up.. Either way, exciting times. Let’s hope for some news at CES 2017!!


35) Wearable market is booming

$25 Billion by 2019, set to treble CCS INSIGHT

Market to grow almost threefold with more than 245 million wearable devices sold in 2019

Smartwatches are most valuable segment, taking 60% of market value, but fitness trackers remain most popular, accounting for more than half of all wearables shipments in 2015

More than twice as many people in key markets aware of Apple Watch than rival products

“Garmin has announced results for its second quarter ended 25 June 2016. For Q2 2016, Garmin has reported total revenue of US$812 million, up 5% year on year, with the company’s fitness, outdoor, marine and aviation business divisions collectively growing 20% over the previous year quarter and contributing 70% of total revenue.”

36) Competition is crumbling

Fitbit are currently in lawsuits with customers for inaccuracy and with Jawbone for patent infringements. US Judge James Donato says ,”Consumers are not expected to do research ‘beyond misleading representations on the front of the box.”

  • Study shows that Fitbit is highly inaccurate, link
  • Judge says lawsuit can move forward link
  • Judge orders fit bit to answer sleep tracking lawsuit link
  • What this means for clinical researchers link 

Intel have had to recall a product from the shelves because the device was burning users wrists, after spending circa $150 – 200 mil on bringing the product to market buying a competitor. “Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has made a push into wearable’s and other smart devices one of his top priorities to help replace shrinking sales of chips for PCs and small servers. Intel bought Basis two years ago for a reported $100 million to $150 million in effort to jump start the wearables push.”

Article can be found here 

The market is screaming out for accuracy as previously mentioned, and with Fitbit market cap dropping from 9bn to 3bn since IPO, there is a huge gap for other wearable’s to take advantage. I strongly believe that CloudTag are entering the right market, at the right time, with the right consumer needs at the right price!

NOTE – Other wearables are available

37) Weight watchers 

With over 2 million users, Amit mentioned that he was in commercial discussions with somebody who had a large portion of society involved in “weight watching” A commercial deal with Weight Watchers would be a catalyst for other weight watching groups to take notice and understand the benefits the CloudTag Track can provide the end-user with its unique future programming and nutrition advice which adapts as the user adapts, entering a desired weight loss and date for the app to do the magic and set the fitness plan up, with personal trainer video advising on correct exercises. #MindBlown
38) Small Market Cap 20.25m – 20/08/2016

Current Market Cap is £20.25Million, at time of writing this

market cap 20 08

The Current Share price at time of publishing is 5.68p

For comparison Fitbit are currently worth $3.18B and currently trade at $14.53 and has been as high as $47.60 on July 31st 2015 worth $9B

Today that is 159 times our current market cap in July 15 it was 477 !!!

39) Shares in issue

The amount of outstanding shares are 357,351,325 though 164,072,101  or 45.91% aren’t in the public hands leaving only 193 million trade-able shares, so this could move VERY quickly as demand outstrips supply.

shares in issue

The Remuneration Committee of the board has granted options and warrants to certain directors and an employee.  This is the first grant of options to the Company’s CEO, Amit Ben-Haim, and is intended to incentivise him to continue with the excellent progress made to date in driving the business forward and generating shareholder value. The committee also identified certain key individuals in the business who have made a significant contribution to the development of the business and who it was felt should be incentivised through option and warrant grants to continue with such contribution in the future.


Financial Director –  John Wakley.

John served from January 2002 until his retirement in December 2013 as Executive Vice President of Stolt-Nielsen Limited (NO:SNI), a world leading integrated transportation, storage and distribution service provider for chemicals and other bulk liquid products with a market cap of US$1.1 billion. John was responsible for tax planning, internal audit and legal structure. He has been retained as the Stolt-Nielsen Limited Board Secretary and also serves as Chairman of Stolt Tank Containers Leasing Ltd. He joined Stolt-Nielsen Limited in 1988 and held various positions in the controllership, internal auditing and tax planning areas. He is also Chairman and a Director of Fiducia Ltd and of International Beverage Trading Limited a subsidiary of Thai Beverage, one of Southeast Asia’s largest beverage companies. John was previously employed by BP International in various accounting roles and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

With the wearable’s market forecast to be worth $25 billion by 2019 (CCS Insight) CloudTag’s ground-breaking, transformation in improving personal health and athletic performance which is consistently funded at a value that strongly protects the shareholder’s investment and supported by a uniquely formidable team of business veterans, I believe that this a very rare & exciting investment opportunity and CloudTag’s revolutionary technology will be officially storming US and European markets soon. 





*Please ONLY ever invest what you can afford to lose, because investments can go down as well as up and this blog is only to be used for research and information purposes, I am not qualified to provide any financial advice and do not suggest you buy off the back of the information I’ve put together here. Please do your own research*



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