Vicky, Samantha & Andy – FitPro

After so much exposure in such little time in “Why CloudTag” with over 2,000 views from over 20 countries in just 24 hours, I’m back to introduce you to more people who I believe will play a SIGNIFICANT part in the success of CloudTag INC. Up on discovery of the potential here, I’ve never been so excited about my investment to date! 

We’ve looked at the Founder, Chairman, CEO, FD, CCO, Ambassador, Relative.. Now I take you on a journey to understand who is on the front line here and the global connections into the ever-growing fitness industry… Enjoy!

1) CloudTag’s Global Content Director is Vicky Mahony.

Vicky’s role as marketing and content director probably consists of the following  (and more)

  • Accountable for all content marketing initiatives to drive traffic, engagement, leads, that deliver sales and customer retention.
  • Collaborates across functions and silos to deliver an effective content marketing strategy and editorial plan to meet the business objectives at the lowest possible cost
  •  A brand publisher mindset: creating the content the audience is looking for and then to optimize the path to conversion
  • Editorial requirements include basic SEO understanding, content categorization and structure, content development, distribution and measurement. Development of editorial governance so content is consistent with the brand voice, style and tone.
  • Editorial calendar and organization workflows to be developed and managed.
  • Channel management of digital content hubs and all supporting social channels including email / newsletter distribution. The person must understand the basic best practices of the main social media channels, which content and approaches work on each and why
  • Measurement and optimization of the program will be required on a regular and ongoing basis
  • Management of all creative resources including designers, writers, and other agency personnel
  • Integration of content programs with brand campaigns to drive brand to demand.
  • Executive presentations on the program approaches and results will be required.

She was most likely heavily involved in the successful product launch at CES in January 2016 with brand strategy and design agency Identica 

“Most activity and heart rate monitors on the market are for consumers who are already pursuing fitness goals. We felt that this alienated consumers who are beginning their fitness journey and so wanted CloudTag Track to feel friendly and approachable. Creating a look and feel for the brand that felt empowering and optimistic we were able to communicate the emotional benefits of fitness whilst also explaining how CloudTag Track would help consumers successfully reach their weight loss and fitness goals, and keep them on track to shape their future”

From 2007 up to 2013, she was the Global Content Manager at FitPro, her role there was the Global Content Manager for Fitpro, PtontheNet, ViPR, Mygroupfit and PTA Global.
Development and management of both print and online education and content for the above sites along with bespoke development of content for external clients/vendors.

FitPro has access to over 150,000 fitness professionals (mainly Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors) in 84 countries. The largest professional fitness development company in the world.

Members come from many different specialist areas – group fitness, resistance training, nutrition, management, personal training, seniors, sales and boot camps, the community is rich and diverse.

This is a very strong route to market in the health and fitness industry where we’re all too aware of the inaccuracy of FitBit as study shows reported on CNBC 23rd May 2016 along with the other wearable’s available such as Jawbone & Nike up to 40% off in tracking user activity

What I am saying is, the opportunity here is HUGE, I am sure with her experience, it is no doubt that most of the big players across all major gym & fitness chains in the UK are only a phone call away and will be banging down the doors at CloudTag HQ to get their hands on the track for their gym members and personal clients which will provide many benefits and incentives for the millions of us looking to stay healthy, lose weight and eat clean.

cloudtag beat smart

2) Product and Operations Director, Samantha Cullum 

Samantha Has a very similar background to Vicky Mahony, having spent the last 4 years at CloudTag and 4 years 4 months at FitPro.  Her responsibilities at CloudTag include, but I’m sure are not limited too;

  • Product and packaging design
  • Beta trials and product testing
  • Operations
  • Distribution and fulfillment

The significant thing about the links to FitPro is that former CEO of CloudTag is Andy Jackson.

Andy was responsible for all new product development within the FitPro group, as well as Sales and Marketing. Andy held the role of Global Commercial Director successfully launching some of the world’s most profitable brands including Les Mills Programming, ViPR and

Though not apparent on the share holders summary I would bet that Andy Jackson still has a LOT of shares in CloudTag because he knows the company inside out, the product and the capabilities of how this DISRUPTIVE, ACCURATE, UNIQUE Tech is going to blow the weight loss market apart.

Andy launched Les Mills Programming & after doing my research on Les Mills it appears that there is over 130,000 instructors globally

Phenominal numbers !!!

Due to being extremely well-connected in the health and fitness industry I believe there will be a huge push from Vicky and Samantha to entering these markets in UK, USA and Europe.

Oh and more thing we haven’t mentioned is Australia. The owners of FitProBrent Hallo and Jane Waller are Australian! 


cloudtag device


Ring familiar? CloudTags primary market is for the Obese & Overweight…

Like an overweight individual, we are, as a race, simply consuming far more than we can healthily maintain. And we have started to discover the inconvenient truth – that in a globalized world some of the resulting woes – atmospheric destruction and global warming, for instance affect us all.

“We believe global sustainability starts with our own health, fitness and wellbeing. Put simply – fit body first, fit planet next” – Philip & Dr Jackie Mills

I am certainly more confident in my investment in CloudTag than I was yesterday, and I hope you are too knowing the routes into the fitness market they have no doubts mapped out, years in advance ready for the product launch.


*Please ONLY ever invest what you can afford to lose, because investments can go down as well as up and this blog is only to be used for research and information purposes, I am not qualified to provide any financial advice and do not suggest you buy off the back of the information I’ve put together here. Please do your own research*




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