The Microsoft Connection

Microsoft connection

Please be advised that this is only speculation and not to be taken as 100% fact or true. It is the thoughts of a few investors and you should ALWAYS do your own research before investing ANY money. Please do NOT take this is investment advice. We could be miles off and there may be other reasons and influences which have affected the share price movements outlined below (e.g Samsung rumour in national press)

Sunday 4th September UPDATE: Fitbit users will soon no longer be able to sync their health data with Microsoft HealthVault. That’s according to an email Fitbit has begun sending to users, stating that integration with HealthVault will shut down as of September 12. NEWS STORY AT BOTTOM (this could be because of the MSBAND 3 coming out)

By now I’m sure we’re all aware of Amit Ben-Haim’s track record. The man’s favorite and most effective business strategy is to work with a start-up company, offer something new and disruptive to the market and then eventually sell the company off to one of the big players. He usually aims to do this within a 2-year period and with CloudTag there is reason to suspect that this is still the strategy here. Or will it be ONE YEAR?! LISTEN HERE!!

I will cut right to the chase and say there is, after much research and detective work; the case for a strong connection between Microsoft and CloudTag. So much so I am skipping breakfast right now to write this article for you investors. Now allow me to try to persuade you that this is indeed true (and personally I find the evidence to be very compelling).

The first connection between the companies was brought to our attention through the appointment of Peter Griffith as Chief Creative Officer (Previously Head Phone Designer for Microsoft). His appointment by CloudTag was announced in an RNS on the 1st August 2016. It was in this statement that Peter declared he is relishing a ‘refreshing new challenge’. So what of this refreshing new challenge? Why leave one of the biggest technological companies in the world for little old CloudTag? Well, perhaps he hasn’t actually left Microsoft completely; walk with me now.

See Peter give a talk here at slush 2014. This is a must watch for everybody, to understand how big this guy is

Before Microsoft, Peter Griffith was a phone designer for Nokia. In 2013 it was announced that Microsoft would be acquiring the failing Nokia company, this was how Peter ended up working for Microsoft in the first place. Microsoft restructured the Nokia manufacturing system (this bit is important) and focussed the Nokia phone manufacturing to factories in Vietnam and China. Stephen Elop, Chief of Microsoft’s devices declared: ‘We plan to right-size our manufacturing operations to align to the new strategy and take advantage of integration opportunities. We expect to focus phone production mainly in Hanoi, with some production to continue in Beijing and Dongguan.’: This information was provided in the article here.

Fast forward a couple of years and the media was flooding the market with stories that the Nokia acquisition has been a complete failure for Microsoft. An article in the Verge (Article here) declared that Microsoft had wasted $8 billion on this venture. Reuters then wrote this article on the 25th May (this part also important) that Microsoft is going to cancel its mobile design and manufacturing. So in theory, this means Peter Griffith is out of a job. Firstly, before I move on, I would like to point at that both these articles I posted were written on the 25th of May. Check what happened to the CloudTag share price on this day; it boomed after this:

chart 25th may

share price from may

Look at the low volume on 20th May and then a significant increase on the 25th May and an increase in closing share price of 2.15p

(it could possibly be around the time this was printed or any other reason, as I said at the beginning please do not take this as gospel)

Cloudtag samsung

Could be pure coincidence, but when I tell you the next part of the story then it may not have been completely random and these two events may be connected. On the 16th June, 2016, CTAG released an operational update RNS (this is why the factories are important in this), it was in this that CTAG declared that they were ‘in the process of moving manufacturing from its current low volume production partner in Taiwan, which was suitable for production of rapid, low-cost test batches; to new production partners also based in the Far East with mass production capabilities’.

So with all the above in mind, I conclude that Microsoft’s ceasing of Nokia production has not resulted in Peter Griffith losing his job at Microsoft. Instead, Microsoft realise that they are wasting their time and money with smartphones; Samsung and Apple have monopolised that market too much. So now they need to change their tactic and move to the next best thing before their competitors do: Wearable technology.

So my theory is that CloudTag manufacturing has been moved to the Microsoft Nokia factories which are now redundant. Peter Griffith has been given a ‘refreshing new challenge’ in the form of designing the new product which is merged between Microsoft and CloudTag. Peter Griffith’s LinkedIn page still says he works at Microsoft, it seems odd we needed an RNS for his appointment and I personally believe Amit is dropping hints throughout this to his shareholders. I also don’t think the 25th May SP rise alongside the Microsoft news is a coincidence. Microsoft have been out of the game for too long, like Manchester United these past few seasons; but like Man Utd can you really ever count them out to make a come-back? Microsoft could be kicking down doors with CloudTag technology.

microsoft since25th

Microsoft comparison from the 25th May 2016, up 11.79% or $6.08 per share. Just sayin’

CloudTag continue to tell the market that the Company continues to actively progress its business strategy of commercialising its proprietary IP and technology and will update shareholders as and when significant developments occur….

… & lets not forget The app development team at Preciousbluedot (makers of Xbox Kinect, Donkey Kong, Golden Eye and more) have reinvented the wheel with this “app”. We thoroughly believe that this app is far more detailed than 99% of what is currently available on the market. The team is complete with the winning touch of Matt Robert, fitness trainer to the stars (and David Cameron). Matt has put together a number of very high quality work outs that specialise in a number of important areas.

CloudTag Inc. announced the appointment of Peter Griffith, MA RCA, as Chief Creative Officer, effective from 1 August 2016. Previously, Peter has driven the creation of a wide range of consumer electronic devices at Nokia and Microsoft. During almost nine years at Nokia, he held the roles of Head of Lifestyle Products Design, Head of Industrial Design and latterly, Head of Mobile Phones Design. Following the division’s acquisition by Microsoft, his most recent position held was that of Head of Phones Design. As company’s Chief Creative Officer, Peter will be responsible for the overall design and feel of the commercial product family which forms the basis of the consumer’s entire interaction and experience with company’s devices. This will include the aesthetics of the products, packaging, consumer marketing and messaging, social media, brand identity and the consumer’s app and cloud interfaces. He also has the remit to develop an in-house department of industrial designers to support CloudTag’s future commercialization goals.

Speaking to Microsoft Windows, Peter Griffith says, “We’re not a team that begins with the hardware or software. The important beginning point is the experience and the types of things that we can do. The toolbox that a design team has at its disposal is getting wider all the time – it’s only recently that we’ve even contemplated fitness tracking as a real-world consumer concept – the key thing in moving this forward is understanding the meaningful experience for people.

“We also need to adjust and change very quickly as technology is becoming more and more difficult to predict. We need to watch what we’ve done, to see how people adopt it, and adapt quickly.”

Read more on this Here

microsoft fitness

Microsoft could create something which will gamify fitness and health to help improve the health of the obesity and overweight population check here for Microsoft Kinect fitness games.


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obesity 1

SP ctag

For clarity – Shareprice of CloudTag since I first purchased my first batch of shares on June 9th 16

Fitbit shutting down Microsoft HealthVault integration on September 12 [Update]

From Fitbit:

After careful consideration, we’ve decided to end our support of Microsoft HealthVault. As of September 12, Fitbit will no longer send data to HealthVault. You’ll still have access to your previously synced data through the Fitbit dashboard.

We strive to channel our energy and resources into creating the most value for our customers. After careful consideration, Fitbit will no longer be supporting API integration with Microsoft HealthVault, an application that allows users to store and share their health data with health professionals. We remain committed to the promise of digital health and our mission to help people lead healthier, more active lives by empowering them with data, inspiration, and guidance to reach their goals. We’re always looking for new ways to support our users’ health and fitness goals, and we encourage customers to visit for other available integrations.

We believe that connected device platforms like ours can serve as a means for better patient engagement and deeper clinical collaboration, and hopefully lead to better health outcomes, fewer hospital visits and reduced healthcare costs. To help specific populations better manage their health, Fitbit works with third party partners to leverage technology and software to drive better outcomes, including partnerships with weight management leaders, condition care programs and telehealth and electronic health record integration.


No investment advice is intended, this is mine and @Jinmanshu opinion. We are not qualified to provide any financial advice. Please speak to your  financial advisor, or ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your research before making any informed decisions as the share price can go down as well as up and you can lose your investment. We are no way involved with CloudTag Inc Directly, we both hold shares in CloudTag INC and this blog post isn’t to be taken as fact as it may not be true.


5 thoughts on “The Microsoft Connection

  1. Just want to say thank you for all the hard work and research that you post and share with the rest of the world.
    Another amazing theory and i guess your hitting the nail on the head.
    A big thank you!

    Good weekend


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