Johnson & Johnson & Ben-Haim

To give you an idea of CEO Amit Ben-Haim’s history and relationship with Johnson & Johnson and why I think this could prove an important part of the jigsaw with CloudTag. (This is pure speculation on my behalf and I could be completely wrong)

Firstly, Johnson & Johnson is an American multinational medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturer founded in 1886. With reported revenues of $70.07 Billion for 2015. The same year the spent $9.04 Billion on research & development


It should come to no surprise, that they are one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies on the planet. Dedicated to addressing and solving the most important unmet medical needs of our time, including oncology (e.g., multiple myeloma and prostate cancer), immunology (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel disease and psoriasis), neuroscience (e.g., schizophrenia, dementia and pain), infectious disease (e.g., HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and tuberculosis), and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases (e.g., diabetes).

I first came across the connection when I first having a look into ABH’s history

“29 September 1997

Another huge deal has been added to the series of investments by US companies in Israel. This one is the largest of its kind to date.

Johnson & Johnson has announced that it is about to take over Biosense, whose development and production centre is in Tirat Hacarmel. In the acquisition, Biosense’s shareholders will receive a sum estimated at $400 million in Johnson & Johnson shares. Biosense will become part of Cordis, a subsidiary Johnson & Johnson acquired in February 1996, in an offer to the public, for $1.8 billion.

Biosense, which deals in development and production of medical equipment, was set up in 1993 by Professor Shlomo Ben-Haim, a tenured lecturer at the Technion medical school, and a visiting professor at Harvard University. Ben-Haim, who holds 19% of the shares in Biosense, will receive shares worth some $75 million. His brother, Adv. Amit Ben-Haim, who was the first investor in the company, holds 22% of the shares, and will receive Johnson & Johnson shares worth some $88 million.

This is what got me interested when I discovered that it was Amit Ben-Haim was CEO of a small cap AIM company, CloudTag INC. After more digging I discovered that in 1996, he co-established Impulse Dynamics Inc., another medical devices company, which ultimately licensed its cardiac contractility technology to NYSE-listed Guidant Corporation (a group company of Boston Scientific)

Only looking into Guidant yesterday did I then discover Johnson & Johnson announced that it was acquiring Guidant on December 15, 2004, for $76 a share, at a cost of $25.4 billion. The deal was approved by Guidant stockholders on April 27, 2005. 

The company ended up being sold to Boston Scientific.

They key thing here, is that Amit Ben-Haim is very much known to Johnson & Johnson



The Innovation: Health and Wellness Technology Accelerator

Building on its success in sourcing external innovations in the biotech space, Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions, Inc. (JJHWS), recently announced a partnership with technology accelerator Plug and Play Tech Center to create a new Health and Wellness Technology Acceleratoraimed at supporting early stage companies developing technology to boost human health and well-being.

Through the accelerator, selected companies will participate in a rigorous three-month program that includes coaching and mentorship for their founders, and that could lead to funding for the most promising ideas. And given Johnson & Johnson’s long-standing mission to support diversity and women’s representation in science and technology, at least 30% of the selected companies will be led by women and minorities.

How It Could Transform Your Health: Trying to eat better, exercise and sleep more—and stress less? The accelerator wants to help companies who can help you reach those goals.

“The pace of change and the pressures of daily life are growing every day for individuals across the world. There is a massive need to help people move from surviving to thriving,” says Lowinn Kibbey, Global Head, Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute. “By identifying novel technologies and combining these with our expertise in design thinking and clinical work in behavioral science, we can help individuals maximize their human potential to achieve their ‘best self.’ ”

With the powerful combination of wearable devices, smartphones and artificial intelligence, we can connect the fragmented pieces of health care—the physician, hospital, payer and patient—and help that ecosystem work seamlessly.

–Stuart McGuigan, Chief Information Officer

The Innovation: Digital Health Partner

No one likes to spend time in a hospital. But imagine how much easier it would be if you had an online mentor who could walk you through the process of preparing for a procedure and even cheer you on through your recovery—all from your iPad® or iPhone®.

Enter your new Digital Health Partner.

It’s a new collaboration between Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions, DePuy Synthes and IBM Watson Health, which is known for its powerful analytics. Together, these partners are focused on dreaming up novel ways to provide one-on-one virtual health coaching and other personalized digital interactions for consumers and patients.

How It Could Transform Your Health: One area that Johnson & Johnson and IBM Watson Health are already focusing on: providing mobile preoperative and postoperative care to improve outcomes for patients undergoing joint replacement and spine surgeries.

“Digital health technology allows us to put the person in the center of health care,” says Stuart McGuigan, Chief Information Officer at Johnson & Johnson. “With the powerful combination of wearable devices, smartphones and artificial intelligence, we can connect the fragmented pieces of health care—the physician, hospital, payer and patient—and help that ecosystem work seamlessly.”

More here

As you are now probably aware CloudTag has entered into a licence agreement with Imec International.

Imec has granted to the company an exclusive worldwide commercial licence to the unique algorithms developed for CloudTag and used in the company’s hardware devices.

The company says: “As demonstrated by the results of user tests performed by CloudTag in collaboration with the University of Essex and announced by the Company on 26 October 2015, the algorithms developed by Imec to measure ECG and energy expenditure provide exceptionally high levels of accuracy. This accuracy is a significant differentiator for the Company’s wearable product and the directors believe that this makes it unique in the market.”

Imec has agreed to take equity in CloudTag in consideration for the Licence under the terms of the Agreement, comprising of the issue of new ordinary shares in the Company in three tranches, the first of which being payable upon execution of the Agreement and subsequent tranches falling due upon commercial launch of CloudTag’s product and the first anniversary thereafter. This consideration structure furthers the Company’s strategy to align all key strategic partners with the business.

In fulfilment of payment of the Initial Tranche, the Company has agreed to issue to Imec 1,906,556 new ordinary shares in the Company, which will rank pari passu with the Company’s existing ordinary shares.

On October 4th at Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore the Imec Technology Forum will be hosting an exclusive event


ITF Healthcare is an exclusive event for business leaders, biomedical experts and visionaries in healthcare and nanotechnology.

The forum provides insights into fast evolving R&D on the border between healthcare and nanotech, with a specific interest in solving current and future healthcare challenges. In addition, we hope this meeting will provide networking opportunities with people interested in the interdisciplinary approach and foster a supportive ecosystem that leads to successful novel healthcare treatment and detection solutions.

At ITF HealthCare acclaimed thought leaders from Emocha, GSK Bioelectronics, Intel, imec, Johns Hopkins University, Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center, miDiagnostics, National Nanotechnology Initiative Coordination Office, and others will share their vision on the future of healthcare.

Some of the topics that will be discussed are how to align developments in nanotech with evolving trends in healthcare, how the Internet of (Health) Things will enable a continuum of care, and how to free valuable health information from the current silos.

There will be inspiring presentations with market trends, evolutions and latest breakthroughs in nanoelectronics-based innovations for healthcare. All this of course with ample opportunities for networking and discussing business opportunities.

The Imec Technology Forum (ITF) Healthcare is brought to you by Johns Hopkins, a world-renowned academic medicine and research institution, and imec, the world’s premier R&D center for nanoelectronics with over 2,300 top scientists and engineers and a partner network including the world’s leading companies in nanoelectronics, health care, communication and Internet of Things.

ITF Healthcare is part of the prestigious series of Imec Technology Forums. Other ITF events are held in San Francisco, Japan, and Korea, with the flagship ITF conference in Brussels. (more on the event can be found here)

Attending the event as an overview speaker from J&J is none other than Ibraheem Badejo – Senior Director / New Ventures (Medical Devices), Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center

He is speaking at 17:05:

SESSION 4: Breaking walls to enable cross disciplinary innovation – ecosystems, funding, strategic partnerships


Ibraheem leverages his expertise in smart materials and biomaterials to support the medical device sector. From 2010 to 2013, Ib was a Research Fellow at Global Surgery Group of Johnson & Johnson, where he was responsible for external and front-end innovations and intellectual property for Ethicon Biosurgery. From 2006 to 2010, he was the Director of Applied Research & New Technology Assessment of novel biomaterials. Prior to that, he was the Chief Scientist of Closure Medical Corp (acquired by J&J in 2005). Prior to joining Closure, he held various positions at Bayer, North Carolina State University, and the College of Charleston. He currently serves as an Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Drexel University.

During his career, Ibraheem has led teams in the development of commercialized biomaterials based products and new technology / products licensed or acquired. He received his BA degree in chemistry from Avila University.  He received his PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Toledo, where he was the Robert Whiteford Memorial Scholar for Outstanding Graduate Research and a Petroleum Research Fund Fellow. He is also the recipient of 24 US patents with others pending.

Now I am not saying this is ever going to happen, but if you connect the dots above and the fact that ABH and his brother have a long history with Johnson & Johnson with products that have gone on to make multi billion dollars for the company and are keen to help support businesses bringing wearable technology in to the health care sector, there might just be a hat trick of deals from Mr. Ben-Haim to J&J to complete the portfolio.

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Please note that I am not qualified to provide financial advise and suggest you do your own research, all of the opinions in this blog are my own or other investors who do own shares in CloudTag INC. Please be aware that the price of shares can go down and you can lose your entire investment. Please seek advice from a professional financial advisor before making any decisions and never invest more than you can afford to lose.



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