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Edited 9th January – 23:35 (CEO Amit Ben-Haim talks to UnitedHealthcare at CES digital health & fitness) Bottom of the page 

New Pics added: Stand Day 2 & Peter showing the track 

New video added: Peter Griffith talks about the Onitor track



Peter talks to Julian Barnes of @bodylocal about the concept behind Onitor Track. bodylocal.com




from Valentina Martelli – Who is the new USGeneration? Tv news program created by Valentina Martelli for Rainews.

List of exhibitors, Cloudtag INC. are listed as a “featured exhibitor” in “Sands Halls A-D” as seen here with only 83 other companies..

1st glimpse at the Onitor Track, Amit speaking to UnitedHealthcare, Imec article & Peter Griffith talking to Eric Taub & being interviewed by BeTerrificTV







CEO Amit Ben-Haim talks to UnitedHealthcare at CES digital health & fitness


LAS VEGAS – Jan. 3, 2017 – Onitor, provider of digital health technology for consumers, today announced the introduction of Onitor Track, an innovative biometric data-driven program designed to aid weight loss for women and men, showcasing this month at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

In the U.S., the World Health Organization (WHO), have identified lifestyle risks that may affect more than two-thirds of adults who are overweight or obese. WHO also states that more people die from cardiovascular disease than from any other cause. In the context of those growing rates, Onitor is dedicated to using technology to empower people to make positive health decisions. Onitor Track combines a dual-position wearable with a personalized weight loss and nutrition program delivered via an app.

Onitor Track is worn in two different ways: strapped to the user’s wrist and clipped onto a chest band or sports bra during exercise. In the clipped position, the device transforms into an accurate ECG heart rate monitor. The Track digests combined data recorded from both modes along with weekly weight inputs from the user to provide an exercise program and nutritional advice that are constantly adapting to the user’s progress, giving unparalleled insights and ensuring the user meets their weight loss target.

“We deliver targeted solutions for real people’s needs. We live in a data-driven, digital age. But when you look at the way that people are encouraged to lose weight, they are still by-and-large using old-fashioned methods with a very limited use of data to help them,” says Amit Ben-Haim, CEO of Cloudtag and creator of the Onitor brand. “That’s where we think the Onitor Track can help. The Onitor Track succeeds by combining accurate data capture, which helps it build an excellent picture of each user, and smart manipulation of that data to make a fitness and nutrition program that is constantly refined to gain excellent results. Together, these two things show off two great strengths of our business: the hardware and the software, brought together with a highly targeted purpose.”

The new Onitor Track is powered with technology from its parent company, Cloudtag, a technology innovation company headed by Ben-Haim, an entrepreneur best known for co-founding medical device company Biosense Inc., which was sold to Johnson & Johnson.

Onitor Track will be on display at CES booth #45933 in the Sands.

To learn more about Onitor visit onitor.com.

CES Stand Location

Sands Halls A-D, Level 2, Fitness and Technology, Stand Number: 45933

Media Contact: Jessi Cimafonte, SSPR, 719-239-3216 cloudtag@sspr.com


Peter Griffith speaks on the panel moderated by Eric Taub @ the Fitness Tech Summit on Fitness as a second skin

Eric Taub is a Business consultant for Fortune 500 companies (including Apple, Audi, IBM, Panasonic, and others) in strategic development, new business development, and marketing. I have identified, developed, and nurtured key business relationships and projects in digital television, healthcare, advanced digital lighting, consumer products, and personal computers.


Day 1 at , Peter Griffith is interviewed by ’s on the thinking behind .

IMEC Article here




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