February 17

On the 4th January the company filed for a new patent “A system and method of counting steps determined from a motion sensor of a device” GB1700087.8 CEO Amit Ben-Haim told us more patents would be registered this year and it looks like the company aren’t wasting any time in trying to bring the Onitor track to market, without any hiccups, once mass produced to fulfill orders.


The team seems to be developing at rapid speed behind the scenes, including a new Senior Developer Team Lead, Chief Operations Advisor, Front-end Developer, Senior Algorithm and DSP Engineer, Senor Mechanical Engineer, Lead Electronic Engineer,  and most recently a Senior iOS Developer who was the Senior Ios Developer for Infinity Health, a digital health company based in London, creating products that transform healthcare services 
for medical professionals and patients.



Update from the company 17th February

If you subscribe to the latest updates through Onitor.com you’d have received an update on recent events;



Not long after returning from Las Vegas and the CES show we were on the road again, headed for Munich to take part in ISPO, the world’s largest sports trade show.

At the beginning of the year at CES, we felt at home in the world’s biggest consumer show, sharing events and discussions with an industry buzzing with talent and innovation. We presented our recently launched brand, Onitor®, on a visually stunning stand. We spoke to many potential buyers and introduced key press contacts to the Onitor Track for the first time.

This same stand re-emerged weeks later in the fair grounds of Munich as we opened to show our brand and product to ISPO visitors. Amongst the sports, textiles and health & fitness companies we networked with some great people, shared many ideas and showcased our product to some of the 85,000 visitors from 120 different countries.


While all this is happening, work continues back at the company to refine and perfect product details. We’re following though all the important issues in the manufacturing process so that the product that goes down the assembly line is as good as the product that has been designed.


Amongst the amazing array of innovators we’ve seen at both shows, we feel all our work on brand focus is paying off. Visitors and press see the strength of our working principle: addressing a genuine user need.

We think technology is amazing, and we like nothing more than to get deeply engaged in all aspects of it, but technology is only a tool unless it has a clear purpose. Onitor Track’s focus on weight loss is just such a purpose, and is relevant because so many people want to lose or maintain weight. Thoughtfully applying technology can make a real difference to this challenge.

Building the Team

We have spent the last half year building a great team of in-house creatives. Together we have designed the new brand. This includes new visual assets, redesigning the Cloudtag livery and launching two new websites. As always in these situations, we have extensively reworked existing assets to bring everything into line with the new identity. Not to mention our packaging; the crisp and refined matt laminated white box; reflective, we feel, of the precision and accuracy of our product itself. We’ve incorporated a window in the face of the packaging, doing justice to the Onitor Track itself so that it can be clearly seen in retail.

As many of you have noticed, we’ve also had fun making some sweet animations for our social media streams. And this is just the some of the stuff we can tell you about 🙂

The Onitor team

From an investor who attended the ISPO show in Munich;


You can see that the team have been developing further workout programmes, focusing on sculpting, running & post natal along with the innovative weight loss partner. A good move from Amit? who is also the Chairman of Fertility Focus a UK based company who are responsible for OvuSense a 99% accurate ovulation detector.

The fertility app described as a ‘game-changer’ for mums-to-be

“With the ultimate goal of increasing pregnancy rates in infertile couples by up to 50%, Fertility Focus brings a brand new approach to the issue of infertility diagnosis and treatment.

We currently offer two products approved for all major worldwide markets:

OvuSense™ predicts the onset of ovulation one day in advance, provides 99% accuracy for detection of the exact date of ovulation, and confirms the absence of ovulation – all in realtime.    No other method of cycle monitoring in the clinic or home offers these features. Find out more here: www.ovusense.com

FertiloScope™ is a unique minimally invasive instrument for the early diagnosis and immediate corrective surgery of the physical causes of female infertility.

Fertility Focus is driven by the emergence of new medical understanding of infertility and will continue to use our relationship with specialists in the field this provide solutions for improving the chance of viable conception.)

Following on from the announcement on the 7th November 2016 when CloudTag secured up to £4.05 million (before expenses) of additional funding from L1 Capital Global Opportunities Master Fund, the company has now told us on 16th February via RNS that all of the Notes have now been converted. (There are warrants attached to the loan notes)

*Please ONLY ever invest what you can afford to lose, because investments can go down as well as up and there is a risk of losing your entire investment. This blog is only to be used for research and information purposes, I am not qualified to provide any financial advice and do not suggest you buy any shares off the back of the information I’ve put together here. Please do your own research*


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