February 25th

It has been brought to my attention that my personal information (Address, employer & place of work address and facebook) is now circulating on the internet, at the request of an investment advice website, who happen to share a different opinion to me, because of this blog I put together.

In August 2016, out of good faith, in my own personal time and at no request by anybody affiliated with Cloudtag, nor for any financial reward as it has been stated on twitter, I created this blog. My aim has always been to share information that was publicly known and already published online from different websites in one particular place for convenience and to share with anybody who wanted to read about it.

As a frequent poster on the London South East forum (a place to discuss stocks & shares) it was becoming frustrating with factual information getting lost among the high volume of posts and I suggested to keep it in 1 place. Many posters thanked me for the efforts of putting the time in and having a “one stop shop” to read about the business.

I have always stated that the blog is mine and other investor’s personal opinions & views and purely for research purposes and no investment advice was ever intended.

I now find myself as the target of online abuse, threats and harassment.

Anybody who knows me, knows that I am nothing but an honest, loyal and a hard working full time professional with the intentions of using any money I make from investments for the betterment of my 7 year old daughter.

I am not malicious, nor am I a bad person, I have no reason to mislead anybody with information I’ve found online for any AIM stocks and I certainly haven’t at the expense of others misfortune. I am as sincerely sorry for anybody in the same position as myself, my friends and my family (at a financial paper loss) with Cloudtag whilst the company hasn’t lived up to its promises or expectations in the time frames that we have all been led to believe.

I want to get on with my ordinary, normal life without being associated with any trouble or have anyone coming to my home or place of work and I want to continue enjoy doing what I love doing (researching and investing in companies which I believe will add value to my future opportunities with my daughter)

I obviously wish everybody invested in Cloudtag the best of luck and hope that the company lives up to its promises that it has announced over the past 12 months, as we now await for the company to release their pending announcement after AIM suspended trading on Friday at 16:18

Link here; http://www.investegate.co.uk/aim/rns/suspension—cloudtag-inc-/201702241618078430X/




2 thoughts on “February 25th

  1. Really sorry to hear this Liam. There are some awful people populating the boards. Most of us are trying to make a better life for ourselves by supporting these aim companies but we also have to take responsibility for our own decisions. My family told me to sell on on the spike I didn’t. My responsibility. I certainly have valued yours and others input. Good luck for the future.


  2. Hi Liam,

    Sad to hear of your frightful predicament friend – simply uncalled for and they are wholly unlawful acts, but it is sadly symptomatic of our age. Lodge the complaints with the police if you or family are genuinely frightened – don’t suffer in silence!

    As a long term PI in Cloudtag, who is also severely underwater like you and to the tune on over -80% on a pretty largish holdings – I can assure you that it is nothing you have done that has led to my losses or anyone else’s for that matter (don’t let them take you on their guilt trip, man). You merely facilitated that all CTAG info was merely made accessible to all and in one place – a time consuming exercise at that – that’s all. We are all responsible for the buy and sell decisions we make – blame lies with the CTAG BOD/ (their late Nomad) especially ABH for what now can appear as or can be construed as blatant lies in set targets which continually lapsed and which has severely damaged CTAG’s credibility and the pathetic funding decisions such as L1 which was allowed to simply to decimate the SP for their own gains it seems (?). One cannot even blame the rampers/derampers on the BB’ as nothing they say or do can really adversely affect the SP one way or the other (it merely causes a a toxic, uncivil environment, that’s all) – it is how the company delivers that dictates the Market Cap/SP and CTAG simply have failed miserably in this regard despite having been given extra time/finances by their loyal share holders as they had finally pivoted the business with huge upside and market monopoly to boot and thus we sadly are where we are.

    ABH needs to be replaced, a new Nomad found quickly and preferably a meaty product/orders’ Info relayed to the market and/or a Buy Out at a reasonable price RNS – as the product (once tweaked/or released – we were nearly there) should do well in which ever scenarios be it go it monopolistic-ally alone in an explosive sector or being bought out and I really do believe this still – but can CTAG finally deliver this successfully going forward?

    Else CTAG does not return from Suspension at all and it goes to 0 and we sadly lose the lot which will hurt us all very badly. Only saving grace (if one can ever call this that) is that due to my on-going medical issues / tests I have largely been absent from the BB – but only to periodically see my CTAG losses get larger and larger – a frightening sight I must say. We will know the outcome soon. You keep well and stay strong. B-Ging



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