February 25th

It has been brought to my attention that my personal information (Address, employer & place of work address and facebook) is now circulating on the internet, at the request of an investment advice website, who happen to share a different opinion to me, because of this blog I put together. In August 2016, out of … More February 25th

February 17

On the 4th January the company filed for a new patent “A system and method of counting steps determined from a motion sensor of a device” GB1700087.8 CEO Amit Ben-Haim told us more patents would be registered this year and it looks like the company aren’t wasting any time in trying to bring the Onitor track to market, … More February 17

Onitor Track

Uploaded by Second Chance Limited we see the first bit of promotional video footage for the Onitor Track, highlighting the huge market for an accurate, non-invasive weight loss product to help tackle the issue. Onitor Track is a unique, dual-position wearable that helps you lose the weight you want in the time you want to do it. … More Onitor Track

Yuval Lange – About wearables, the future of healthcare and Donald Trump

posted on ONITOR health linked in This week, more than 100k techies are gathering in Las Vegas for the largest consumer electronics show in the world – CES, where they are showcasing every potential angle on how to advance humanity with the use of technology. This is not as pompous as it may sound. In … More Yuval Lange – About wearables, the future of healthcare and Donald Trump

onitor CES 2017

Edited 9th January – 23:35 (CEO Amit Ben-Haim talks to UnitedHealthcare at CES digital health & fitness) Bottom of the page  New Pics added: Stand Day 2 & Peter showing the track  New video added: Peter Griffith talks about the Onitor track Peter talks to Julian Barnes of @bodylocal about the concept behind Onitor Track. bodylocal.com … More onitor CES 2017

Enterprise value..

Posted by fluid3d Enterprise value of Cloudtag pt1 19:04 on LSE “Evening all. I’ve spent a bit of time analysing the Onitor rebrand, and must say as an investor looking at the potential business value, I’m very impressed. I’m also surprised at how many here are missing the point of investing in Cloudtag entirely, so wanted to share … More Enterprise value..


On the 16th December 2016 CloudTag Inc. revealed their new premium & long lasting, 24/7 Activity Tracker; onitor  Onitor Track uses advanced  technology to help you reach your weight loss goals – in a way that fits seamlessly into your everyday life. Wear the Track discreetly on your wrist then – when you find time to … More onitor